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One of Dr. Stafford North’s crowning achievements is the technology in the Mabee Learning Center, which earned national acclaim in the late 60s. MLC was featured in Time and Esquire magazines, plus newspapers like the National Observer, Washington Sunday Star, Amarillo Globe News, Fresno Bee, Memphis Commercial Appeal, Nashville Tenneseean, Phoenix Republic, and Wichita Eagle.

1    Marsie (Stratton 69) Walton at her carrel, which functioned like an office, locker, and social center all in one.
2    Students work in the MLC carrels.
3    Darvin Keck, Ron Bever, and Tommy Williams find something to laugh about on the learning center’s audio tapes.
4    A lesson is recorded from the sound studio with a technician at the control room console.
5    Dr. North assists a student.
6    Tape decks from which 136 programs could be dialed.

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