Aerie Archive 1990s A Blast from the Past

As we gear up for the 90s Barn Bash at Homecoming, we look back at some snapshots from our first decade as a university.

1. Gamma Rho ready for battle at Spring Sing 1990.

2. Randy (91) and Kerianne (Thomas 91) Roper strike a pose.

3. Long before the Avengers became a big-budget staple at the movie theatre, the men of Kappa Sigma Tau placed second at Spring Sing 1994 with their “Heroes” show.

4. This photo from the 1996-98 Aerie (a three-year extravaganza!) captured a beautiful Graduation Day.

5. The 1999 Summer Singers (clockwise from top left): Robert Carpenter (00), Kyle Martin (00), Lisa (Curl 00) Hubbert, Erick Alexander (00), Jason Lashley (02), Gena (Shoemake 01) Alexander, Kevin Arter (01), Kyle Granger (00), Amy Beauchamp (00).

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