Aerie Archive 1988-89 A Blast from the Past

We look back 25 years as our alma mater prepared to close out a remarkable decade of growth in the 80s and launch into the 90s with a new name, Oklahoma Christian University. 

Pictures from left to right:

1. Lisa Landrum (89) scores against Phillips University. 

2. Bill Pink (90) shoots a layup during practice. 

3. Left to Right: Amy Westerholm, Shauna (King 90) Anderson, Matthew Goad, and Melissa (Wood 92) Woodson graced the cover of one of the Aerie’s 1988-89 editions. 

4. President Terry Johnson (64) discussing OC’s With Wings As Eagles campaign, which bolstered the university’s endowment, launched the undergraduate engineering program, and raised funds to renovate the Payne Athletic Center and build the Prince Engineering Center, the Williams- Branch Center for Biblical Studies, and the Thelma Gaylord Forum. 

5. John Fletcher (82) stylin’ in his office. Love the beard! 

6. Administrators and faculty slice the ribbon at the opening of the Prince Engineering Center. 

7. Michelle (Thompson 89) Stephens was OC’s first female student body president. 

8. Dr. Howard Norton, then the chairman of OC’s Bible division, lectures graduate theology students. 

9. One of the forerunners of Homeward was OC’s Nationwide Alumni Challenge. Bob Lashley (74) tracks the early progress in 1988-89.

10. On his journey to an impactful career in ministry, Shon Smith (91) put his gift of gab to use as a disc jockey at KOCC. 

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