Let Every Heart Rejoice and Sing

Date recorded: February 10, 2015

Words by: Henry S. Washburne

Music by: George J. Webb

Let every heart rejoice and sing,
Let choral anthems rise;
Ye aged men, and children, bring
To God your sacrifice.


He bids the sun to rise and set;
In Heav’n His power is known;
And earth, subdued to Him, shall yet
Bow low before His throne.


For He is good, the Lord is good,
And kind are all His ways;
With songs and honors sounding loud,
The Lord Jehovah praise;
While the rocks and the rills,
While the vales and the hills
A glorious anthem raise;
Let each prolong the grateful song,
And the God of our fathers praise,
And the God of our fathers praise.

Legacy Comments

Porter Nodland says:

November 26, 2010

Love your site man keep up the good work