Earth Holds No Treasure

Date recorded: January 18, 2013

Words by: Tillit S. Teddlie

Music by: Tillit S. Teddlie

Earth holds no treasures but perish with using,
However precious they be;
Yet there’s a country to which I am going:
Heaven holds all to me.


Out on the hills of that wonderful country,
Happy contented and free,
Loved ones are waiting and watching my coming:
Heaven holds all to me.


Why should I long for the world with its sorrows,
When in that home o’er the sea,
Millions are singing the wonderful story?
Heaven holds all to me.


Heaven holds all to me, to me,
Brighter its glory will be;
Joy without measure will be my treasure:
Heaven holds all to me.

Legacy Comments

elijah casayuran says:

April 08, 2014

much elated that i found this site, been looking/searching for a long time to listen nd learn these old/new song/hymns.thank you so much and God bless you more and more.