All Things Praise Thee

Date recorded: August 30, 2013

Words by: George W. Conder

Music by: Conrad Kocher

All things praise Thee, Lord most high,
Heav’n and earth and sea and sky,
All were for Thy glory made,
That Thy greatness thus displayed
Should all worship bring to Thee;
All things praise Thee—Lord, may we!

All things praise Thee—night to night
Sings in silent hymns of light;
All things praise Thee—day by day
Chants Thy power in burning ray;
Time and space are praising Thee,
All things praise Thee—Lord, may we!

All things praise Thee—Heav’n’s high shrine
Rings with melody divine;
Lowly bending at Thy feet,
Seraph and archangel meet;
This their highest bliss, to be
Ever praising—Lord, may we!

Legacy Comments

Chinedu Nwogu says:

August 16, 2014

Thanks and Glory be to Almighty God who has given us the ear to hear and the eye to see and lovely heart to endure His Holy way, I feel so good whenever the Churches of Christ are singing and making melody to the Lord and more greese to your elbows our inspired brethren bringing to limelight the goodnews through singing. This is my most enjoyed part of worship and I pray that at the end of our pilgrimage we shall meet in Heaven singing unto The Lord. Amen.

Naomi Goodridge says:

November 07, 2010

How awesome. Would love to see the group singing. Wonderful sight and easy to manage. Thanks for this opportunity. Naomi