Das Millicanhaus

OC ist heimat (OC is Home) in Vienna, Austria!

On November 19, 2012, Oklahoma Christianity University dedicated its new academic and residential facility in Vienna, Austria. Das Millicanhaus is now home to OC's European Studies program.

Das Millicanhaus (formerly Hotel Deutschmeister) is located in the 9th district of Vienna. This academic and residential facility proudly bears the name of Don and Donna Millican for their tireless support of OC’s mission to deepen students’ intellectual, social, spiritual and aesthetic awareness through Study Abroad. 


Don and Donna Millican (left) are pictured after the announcement of the facility's new name. Along with the Millicans are President John deSteiguer, his wife Darla (right), and the facility's former owner, Ms. Beatrice Dirnbacher.