Summer Shakespeare Experience


MAY 15-26, 2019

Open to all OC students, the Summer Shakespeare Experience is a 10-day tour to Ontario, Canada. Students and professors watch and discuss plays by William Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw at two of North America's preeminent festival theaters.

Group of students and teacher at Niagara Falls


  • Round-trip travel from Oklahoma City to Canada
  • Housing
  • Local Transportation
  • All play tickets (about 6 plays)
  • Tour of the Detroit Institute of Art
  • Tour of the Canadian countryside and culture
  • Dinner at an Amish restaurant in Ontario
  • 6 performances at the Shakespeare and Shaw Festivals
  • Trip to Niagara Falls
  • Tour of the Cleveland Art Museum

Group of students and teacher sitting in a row at the theater


You can fulfill general education core requirements through the trip or use it as an elective. The reading and writing assignments depend in part on the course you choose. We will meet twice during the spring semester while we prepare for the summer trip. An information session will be held in February.

Course the Summer Shakespeare Experience can count for:

  • ENGL 1213 - English Composition II
  • ENGL 2213 - Great Works: Perspectives in Literature
  • COMM 4813 - Great Works: Drama & Arts
  • COMM 2023 - Great Works: History of Theater
  • COMM 4813 - Dramatic Literature Elective


Prior to leaving on the trip, you must com­plete the readings, reflect on them in a journal, and complete a paper proposal, an annotated bibliography, and a rough draft of your paper. During the trip, you will make a short presen­tation and have a conference over your paper. After the trip, you have two weeks to polish your paper before submitting it for grading. There are no exams.


Due to the stronger dollar, the travel cost is just $1,500. This fee includes your lodging, transportation, and tickets to the productions. A $500 travel deposit is due at the time of your application or by March 23. You may pay by cash, credit card, or a check payable to OC. The remaining travel balance is due April 12. In addition, summer tuition is $1,170 for a three-credit course and will be charged by the school to your account. Note: Passports are required to re-enter the US from Canada. You may use either a full passport or the slightly less expensive card.

WHAT OTHERS HAVE SAID...students and teacher wearing rain ponchos at Niagara Falls

“The Shakespeare trip encouraged us to dig deeper into the work of Shakespeare and other great playwrights, which gave us a new understanding and appreciation for the plays and everything that goes into creating and staging them.” - Brielle Buxton, Communications Major

“The trip to Stratford was an amazing trip for anyone that wants to go outside the US. It's also a chance to earn credit hours for school. The trip is a great opportunity and, if possible, it should be taken by any and all who are interested. You will not be disappointed.” - Grace Cox, Biology Major

"This trip was one of the best and most memorable weeks I had during college. From traveling in the van to touch football in a Canadian park, our group grew really close. And we learned a lot by seeing literature come to life on the Stratford stage." - Wes McKinzie, Instructor of Business & Sports Management

“One thing I enjoyed about the Canada Shakespeare trip was that I got to know the group really well. I also enjoyed being able to travel to Canada and experience a place I had never been before.” - Lauren Morales, Business Major


Email or to request an application form. After March 23, applications must include your de­posit.