TeamOC Employee Fitness Challenge

Register Now for Spring 2018!

The Fitness Challenge started on January 08, 2018.

Registration for Spring 2018 is Closed

Please email TheDub@OC.EDU if you are interested in joining Fitness Challenge after registration closed.

There is no fee for OC Employees to participate in the Fitness Challenge. An OC Employees' 'non-OC employee' spouse, child (16+) or a friend can join you for a fee of $20.


Rewards go to:

  1. Each person who Completes the Spring '18 Fitness Challenge
  2. The Overall Top 3
  3. The Top 3 in each requirement
  4. The Quarterly Leaders in each requirement
  5. And More...


Results are due by the following Tuesday 5AM to be eligible for weekly/quarterly rewards. Submissions after this deadline will still count toward the final totals at the end of the Challenge.

Submit your weekly results here:

Week 1 (01/08-14)Click to Submit your week 1 results

Week 2 (01/15-21)Click to Submit your week 2 results

Week 3 (01/22-28)Click to submit your week 3 results

Week 4 (01/29 - 02/04)Click to submit your week 4 results

Week 5 (02/05-11)Click to submit your week 5 results

Week 6 (02/12-18)Click to submit your week 6 results

  • Weeks 4-6 results due by 5AM Tuesday 02/20 to be eligible for quarterly rewards.
  • 2nd Quarter Leaderboard available here on 02/22

Week 7 (02/19-25)Click to submit your week 7 results

Week 8 (02/26 - 03/04)Click to submit your week 8 results

Week 9 (03/05-11)Click to submit your week 9 results

  • Weeks 7-9 results due by 5AM Tuesday 03/13 to be eligible for quarterly rewards.
  • 3rd Quarter Leaderboard available here on 03/15

Week 10 (03/12-18)Click to submit your week 10 results

Week 11 (03/19-25)Click to submit your week 11 results

Week 12 (03/26 - 04/01)Click to submit your week 12 results

Week 13 BONUS (04/02-08)Click to submit your BONUS week 13 results

  • ALL results must be finalized by 5AM Tuesday 04/10/18 to be eligible for rewards.
  • Final Leaderboard now available
    • Rewards to the top 3 in each area.
  • Completion Board now available
    • Rewards for completion of each area
  • Overall Top 3 and Top 3 in each requirement available here on 04/19

Finale come-and-go Reception time and location to be announced.