Texas family's faith rewarded

Kalee, Lindsey, Keith, Beverly and Tyler Floyd
Kalee, Lindsey, Keith, Beverly and Tyler Floyd

Beverly Floyd is a schoolteacher. Keith Floyd is a self-employed electrician whose business has suffered due to changing technologies.

They’re in important professions. They’re doing things they love. But they don’t make the kind of money that makes having three college students easy (if there is such a thing).

The Floyds have had three kids make the short trip from Mesquite, Texas (a Dallas suburb) to Oklahoma Christian. All three were at OC together until Lindsey, the oldest, graduated this year with a degree in psychology. Kalee majors in business and Tyler majors in engineering.

“This is the only school they’ve ever wanted to go to,” Keith said. “It’s a great school. It’s worth it to find a way for them to come here. It really is.”

Lindsey and Kalee became familiar with Oklahoma Christian when the student performing groups New Reign and Summer Singers came to their summer camp. Lindsey visited campus after that … and instantly felt connected.

“I loved it here,” Lindsey said. “The faculty and students were outgoing and friendly, even to people they didn’t know. It was a pleasant atmosphere. Everyone was happy and nice.”

The warm feelings continued after Lindsey became a student. A lot of people she knew from Texas also chose OC. 

Kalee followed her older sister to Oklahoma Christian. The Floyds weren’t sure they could afford for her to attend. But the leap of faith paid off when Kalee made New Reign.

“I was really surprised when I made New Reign, and when I found out how much the scholarship was, I nearly cried. It was such a relief to know that more of my tuition would be covered,” Kalee said. “I truly feel like I am in the group for a reason, because I prayed so much that God would help me find a way to pay for my college. I thank God that He has blessed me to be able to do this, and that I can spread the word about Him in the process.”

OC’s focus on God, in the classroom and beyond, appealed to the Floyds. Keith attended Oklahoma Christian in the early 80s while Beverly went to a state school and never felt the connection to her professors that their children do. 

“Our kids went to a big high school where you see and hear everything. I wanted them to be in a Christian atmosphere so they wouldn’t have to deal with all the stuff they dealt with in high school,” Beverly said. “I love the size of the campus, and I love that the instructors go to the churches they attend. It’s a different world.”

And a world of opportunity. Lindsey also sang with New Reign, and earned other scholarships for her musical ability (she also sang with the Chorale and Chamber Singers) and her ACT score. Tyler was seventh in his high school class, and had many scholarships available to him as he began pursuing his engineering degree at Oklahoma Christian.

It’s all added up to make quality Christian education affordable for a family that wanted their kids to pursue their dreams.

“We are really grateful for OC,” Keith said. “We feel blessed.”

By Wes McKinzie