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Letter from Board Of Trustees

On behalf of the OC Board of Trustees, I am pleased to announce the appointment of John deSteiguer as University Chancellor and Dr. Ken Jones as President, effective May 1, 2023. OC is blessed by the leadership of these two exceptional leaders who have devoted their careers to furthering Christian education.

John deSteiguer

The Trustees express their sincere gratitude to President deSteiguer and Darla for their dedicated, exemplary service to the University over the last decade plus. deSteiguer’s tenure as President is defined by notable achievements including record-setting advancement efforts, innovative changes to program delivery and strengthening connections across our campus and community.

President deSteiguer championed groundbreaking speakers and events that have challenged and inspired our OC community. During his time, he oversaw transformational capital improvements on campus while simultaneously leading efforts to reduce debt.

Now more than ever, Christian higher education institutions must drive focus toward advancement, fundraising and connecting with people who share our mission. As we look to the future, the role of a dynamic and energetic Chancellor in this capacity will be critical in positioning OC for long-term success. The Trustees are enthusiastic about the possibilities for growth at OC with John deSteiguer focused on connecting with people across the country who share his passion for Christian education. His God-given qualities of compassion and connection, coupled with decades of relational and advancement experience, will serve the University well for years to come.

We are fortunate to have Dr. Ken Jones, who has extensive administrative and leadership experience and is already established and respected on campus, take on the role of president at OC. Dr. Jones is a native Oklahoman and longtime friend of OC, and we are confident in this new appointment. Dr. Jones brought four decades of Christian higher education leadership and experience, when he joined OC as Chancellor in 2021. He previously served Lubbock Christian University as President for 19 years and as Chancellor for five years. Dr. Jones has dedicated much of his career to ministry and leadership coaching and is highly regarded in the business world and in churches, nonprofits, and Christian institutions across the country. He is a farmer and rancher with a doctoral degree in agricultural engineering from Oklahoma State University. He is also a gifted preacher who has served as pulpit minister in churches of Christ in Oklahoma and Texas. We are grateful for his willingness to serve as OC President and know that he and his wife Suzie will be a blessing to our entire campus community.

The Trustees look forward to working with John and Ken in their new roles, and we are excited about what lies ahead for our beloved University.


Mark Brewer