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OC Music student has created the program’s first music residency at a nearby retirement community

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Over the summer, Oklahoma Christian University Music student Isaac May began working at Epworth Villa Retirement Community in Oklahoma City, but he did not take on just any position. May began serving a music residency at Epworth Villa Retirement Community through his adviser, Professor of Music Heath Jones.

Jones’ wife works at the retirement community, and the company had invited him to perform Christmas music for the residents. The residents enjoyed the performance so much that the Epworth’s president asked if Jones knew of a student who could be hired to play for the residents weekly. Jones suggested the idea to May.

May is a commuter student at OC, traveling to school from his home in Yukon, Oklahoma. He was afraid that with the gas prices increasing over the summer, he would not be able to afford driving from Yukon to Epworth to OC.

Epworth decided that having May perform for them was so important that they offered a music residency for him. May performs for the residents for about 20 hours per week in exchange for housing and meals.

“For most of my life, the piano has been something that gives me personal fulfillment, but playing for the residents at Epworth has increasingly shown me that I can be using my gifts and talents for the good of others and not only myself,” May said. “I am very grateful to Epworth for giving me this humbling experience.”

Jones reached out to Student Life to make sure that this arrangement would be approved by the school. Together, Jones and Dean of Students Neil Arter made sure that May’s living situation would meet OC’s requirements.

"They love him. He plays piano wonderfully and communicates well with the residents,” Jones said. “They love to talk to him. He's a double-major in Math and Music, and he is very intelligent."

Jones also commented on May’s room.

“He has an incredible apartment with a balcony,” Jones said. “This really worked out for saving on fuel costs.”