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All You Want to Know About a Master's Degree at Oklahoma Christian University

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Do I have time to get a master’s degree?

Time is a valuable commodity! Master’s degree programs at Oklahoma Christian University are designed to fit the schedule of working adults. Classes are one to two nights each week or offered online. Most students finish their degree in one to two years.

How much does a master’s degree cost?

The average cost of an MBA at OC is $23,000 while a Master of Accountancy degree is about $19,000. Our financial services experts will work with you for personal financial aid or provide the documents you need for employer reimbursement benefits. More than 35% of employers help their team members pay for advancing their education.

Why should I get a master’s degree?

You’re out there in the marketplace. You know an advanced degree will open doors for promotion and qualify you for a management position. Here’s what the data says.

43% of those earning $100k have an advanced degree.

$17k - Those with a master's degree earn an average of $17k more than those with a bachelor's degree only.

100% - Master's degree holders double their lifetime earning potential vs. those with a high school diploma.

33% of employers are selecting those with a master's degree for positions previously held by bachelor's only degree holders.

These employers see clear benefits to hiring those with advanced degrees and encouraging current employees to increase their education. A Career Builder survey reveals why hiring managers value education:

  • Higher quality work: 61 percent
  • Increased Productivity: 51 percent
  • Better Communication: 45 percent
  • Innovation/idea generation: 41 percent
  • Employee retention: 33 percent
  • Revenue: 26 percent
  • Customer loyalty: 24 percent

*sources: College Board, Good Call, Census Bureau and Career Builder

What is different about an OC Master’s Degree?

  • Affordable - We challenge you to find a quality program for less! College Factual says OC is ‘best for the money.’
  • Flexible - Online or in-person and six class sessions per year allow you to fit your degree to your life.
  • Convenient - Perfectly located near three highways, quickly get to class from anywhere in the OKC metro area.
  • Challenging - Recognized by Colleges of Distinction for great teaching and successful outcomes, you will progress as an OC graduate student.
  • Rewarding - Get to know professors who invest in your success and connect with classmates who share your ambition and drive.
  • Recognized - Accredited by the ACBSP.


It’s a matter of bandwidth. As a busy working professional, it is challenging to find the time to earn your graduate degree. Both in-person evening and anytime online classes at OC allow you to stay on the job while you are pursuing an advanced degree.


Accelerate your pace by enrolling in two eight-week courses throughout the year to complete some degrees in 12 months. Or, fit classes around your schedule when it’s most convenient for you and take a break when life demands that you do.


Our master’s programs are structured with one- or two-night a week classes with each class being eight weeks. There are six start times throughout the year, so it’s always the right time to start advancing your degree.


Nestled among three main highways, OC is quick and easy to get to from anywhere in the Oklahoma City area. West of I-35, north of the Kilpatrick Turnpike and east of Broadway Extension, we are minutes away from where you are.

What does the OC Grad­u­ate School of Business Offer?

OC is a community of believers, educators and learners. We are preparing the leaders of tomorrow by connecting with the leaders of today. Our diverse student body succeeds with our customizable degree programs. How will you lead?

MAcc Degree

Earn the hours you need to sit for the CPA exam and join the ranks of our alumni who pass the exam the first time. The rigorous program prepares you for the exam and a successful career. Night classes are offered on campus plus all classes are online for you to create your best experience. Check out MAcc admission requirements.


Where will your MBA take you? Focus on one of nine specialty tracks to pursue a targeted field or go for the broad-based general MBA to be ready for anything. Night classes are offered on campus plus all classes are online.

What MBA specialties are offered?

  • Accounting
  • Leadership & Organizational Development
  • Project Management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • International Business
  • Health Services Management

Do I qualify for grad­u­ate school?

You will need a bachelor's degree with a 2.5+ gpa. You can take the GMAT or GRE, but a higher gpa and work experience can take the place of the test requirements. Build on your undergraduate business degree or apply with a bachelor’s degree from any other field.

Basically, if you want to attend the Graduate School of Business at Oklahoma Christian, the caring staff will help you get there. A graduate degree in business will equip you for management and leadership or provide the tools you need to launch your own business. Check out the admission requirements.

What's the ROI on Grad­u­ate School?

The single greatest tool to pay off student loan debt is a degree. It’s an investment in yourself that pays a lifetime of dividends. Data from the Census Bureau backs it up. So worth it!

  • $1.2m lifetime earnings - with a high school diploma
  • $2.1m lifetime earnings - with a bachelor's degree
  • $2.5m lifetime earnings - with a master’s degree