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Graduate school tuition is lower, fees are lower and books are included.

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Your advanced degree just got more affordable.

Oklahoma Christian University is bucking the trend of rising tuition! Tuition prices for graduate students are dropping, fees are slashed and books are now included!

By all accounts, the cost of graduate and professional school has steadily increased since the 1990s. This surprise move by OC is sending a powerful reversal signal by turning against the prevailing trend of rising tuition. Now graduate students will save money on advanced degrees, off of our already competitive prices.

A graduate student illustrates the value of education to the next generation.

What will you save on a master's degree at OC?

Even before lowering prices, OC offered the most affordable nationally ranked MBA program in Oklahoma City. Now, the lower cost will make our advanced degree programs accessible to even more people. The savings start with $40 less per hour of tuition and continue with zero general fees.

Plus, books are included! Including books is a huge help for students who receive employer reimbursement benefits that typically only cover the cost of tuition.

Does it cost more for international students?

OC lowers tuition rates for international students to the same as domestic student tuition rates.

No, OC's new tuition rates are the same for domestic and international students.

International students must apply for visas, submit forms, gain approval from embassies and understand all of the complexities of studying in a foreign country. OC's international specialists are there every step of the way. So, there is a higher cost associated with application, enrollment and teaching. OC is one of the very few universities that do not pass that cost on to the student.

Students from different countries and cultures enrich the OC campus by offering a variety of insights and perspectives. A more diverse student body is better for each person involved.

Which programs are affected by the new prices?

All current and future graduate students who are pursing a Master of Science in Engineering, a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Science in Computer Science or a Master of Accountancy will see lower tuition, the elimination of fees and the inclusion of books. The degrees offered by the Graduate School of Theology will maintain the already heavily discounted prices offered to students who pursue Christian ministry.

Previous OC Tuition Per Hour$625
New Lower Price Per Hour$585
Savings Per Hour$40
Potential Tuition Savings$1200+
Technology Fee$0
Online Fee$0
Big Fees Charged by Other Universities$0

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