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2020 Bachelor’s Recipients from Oklahoma Christian University Capture 90% Placement Rate

In a year where hiring was slowed or halted across the country, the 2020 Oklahoma Christian University (OC) bachelor's degree recipients had a placement rate of 90% within six months of graduation. This is defined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) as employed, continuing education, volunteer and/or military work and not seeking employment.

According to Pew Research, published May 2021, just 69% of students who graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree or higher were employed, compared to 78% in 2019.

“This confirms what we’ve always known about Oklahoma Christian, which is that our degrees and students are sought after by employers and graduate programs alike,” said President John deSteiguer. “An OC degree is more than just a piece of paper, it’s a lifeline even in unprecedented times.”

OC partially attributes this higher-than-average number to the investment the faculty and staff have in each students’ success. The small, residential campus and class size allows for one-on-one attention to the needs and pursuits of each student.

In 2018, OC revamped its existing career services office to provide more holistic services centered on its Christian mission. The new office, Day Six, is now the campus’ Calling and Career office which offers career counseling and assessments, CliftonStrengths coaching and analysis, career search assistance, networking building and more.

Director of Day Six Susan Hoover helps students and alumni find their calling.

The name Day Six was chosen from the Bible in Genesis 1, The Creation Story, where on the sixth day God creates humans and gives a rationale for what it means to have a good life. Day Six at OC allows prospective, current and former students to discover their calling and find the steps to get there.

“We are more than the traditional career services office that other universities have; we are exploring not just how to make a career, but how to make a life that bears God’s image,” said Susan Hoover, director of Day Six. “We want each student to understand how God has gifted them and how they can use their talents to make an impact in the world inside and outside of their work.”

Day Six hosts various student recruiting events for employers and grad schools to attend. If you are interested in recruiting OC students and alumni, please contact to learn more.