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Bid to Name an Electrical Engineering Lab

  • CECS
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering
Engineering Group

Have fun and raise money for ECE scholarships and labs. (Last year you raised almost $4000 this way!)

Bid on any of the six ECE labs. A winning (highest) bid will name the lab after you and your family for one year (from May 2019- April 2020).


  1. Bids are in dollars and must be integers.
  2. Bids start at $250.
  3. You can bid as many times as you want on as many labs as you want. (So if someone outbids you, bid again!)
  4. Name must contain first and last name; you need only supply your e-mail and company for the first bid.
  5. The link below lists the current high bids for each lab.
  6. Winning bids will be accepted until 7:30 PM on April 11th and announced at 7:45 the same evening.
  7. Proceeds will be placed in the Joe Watson Fund for the ECE department.