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Mr. Because You Can: Marcus Black Empowers the World

Not many people have ministered to an NFL athlete one-on-one through an audio-only keynote-speaking app and have also become an international speaking sensation overnight, but Marcus Black has. However, his story doesn’t end there.

In August of 2008, Black transferred to Oklahoma Christian University on the word of friends who touted OC’s praises.

Having been raised in Mississippi, Black had few connections in Oklahoma, but he took the risk and made OC home. He became an interdisciplinary studies major, eventually joined social service club Chi Lambda Phi and shared his voice in New Reign.

“New Reign would have me speak to the crowds,” Black said. “Even though public speaking wasn’t my thing, I just had a heart for people and the ability to connect, so I did it.”

Black found his voice through New Reign, but he wrestled with finding his calling once he graduated. After exploring several jobs, Black eventually landed at Youth For Christ, a faith-based mentoring program for students located in Oklahoma City. As the Campus Coordinator and Pastor, Black ministers to students by teaching them to love God and grow in spite of adversity.

This job allowed him to further explore God’s calling for him, and he started working on podcasting, public speaking, and writing.

“I asked Trent Shelton [an established public speaker] to allow me to shadow him. I agreed to set up chairs, tables, whatever it took,” Black said. “He walked me through, showed me the ropes of what this [career] looks like at a high level.”

Black’s career took off.

With the blessing of mentorship from Trent Shelton and the power of a new keynote-speaking app called Clubhouse, Black’s career took off. He gained followers and grew a reputation for his inspiring charisma, getting invited to speak in keynotes all over the world.

Black’s The Vitalize Podcast is available on any podcasting platform and has over 60,000 listeners to date. Black also ministers to people through his new movement, Embrace Your Ambition, a program that empowers people to tap into their calling.

“I could open every door for you right now, and I could bring millions of viewers your way. But I’m not going to do that. Because if I do, I deprive you of the joy that you never needed me,” Shelton told Black.

As his platform expands, Black encourages people to courageously move forward. His mission grows worldwide. And he isn’t done yet!

“Don’t stop believing,” Black said. “You’ve got to embrace the struggles. God isn’t giving you struggles to cause you to stumble but to build up your strength, so you can fulfill the mission and purpose that He put you here for. Take a step every single day, because slow steps are better than no steps. Hold to your faith. Go live the life you love living. Because you can.”