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deSteiguer tosses M&Ms to trivia winners and allows a sneak peak into the new cafeteria

President deSteiguer with Bailey family
President deSteiguer chatted with children of OC employees about their interests and college plans.

Thanksgiving week means family, turkey and a week of no classes for Edmond Public Schools. So, of course, President John deSteiguer invited all of the school-aged children of OC employees to lunch.

Each student received a S.W.A.G. bag filled with a t-shirt and fun items. The cafeteria buzzed with excitement and long lines at the pizza counter.

And then, when you least expect it, a POP QUIZ! President deSteiguer offered bags of peanut M&Ms to students who could answer OC trivia questions. This group of Future Eagles nailed it. They got a collective A+ for answering questions like ...

Can I get broccoli AND pizza in the Caf? Yes. #OCishome to vegetables.

What city was the first home to OC?

Who in the room is an Olympic gold medal winner?

What is the tallest structure on campus?

And, what happens in The Nest Monday night?

As answers rolled in, deSteiguer tossed out bags of candy. When students cleanly snagged the treats, deSteiguer attempted a little recruiting for Coaches Cobble and Hays.

Amy Janzen, director of Student Success enjoyed the special day with her children.

Eventually the M&M bucket ran dry and the whole group, along with OC students, was invited to have a look at the bright, new cafeteria opening early 2020. Everyone loved the beautiful floors and walls of windows. It was easy to imagine students enjoying the space once it is filled with furniture and food.

Everyone thanked deSteiguer and OC before continuing their Thanksgiving holiday.

Getting a look at the new cafeteria was one of the highlights of lunch.
President deSteiguer's littlest fans accepted his lunch invitation.