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Love's Cup Three-peat for OC

Loves Cup2020

Oklahoma Christian University's team Argus takes home the first place trophy and a $12,000 cash award!

Team Argus learns about their big win over a Zoom meeting.

Cross discipline teams of business-minded students have built a track record of success in the I2E Love's Entrepreneurial Cup annual competition. Oklahoma Christian is known as the team to beat in the small business division, claiming the top prize three of four years.

Team Argus includes Gaming and Animation major and Argus Chief Marketing Officer Caleb Davis, Computer Science major and Argus Chief Technology Officer Derrick Karake, Nutrition and Psychology major, team leader and Argus Chief Executive Officer Sydni Lehr and Finance major and Argus Chief Financial Officer Vinicius Alves.

The I2E competition exposes students to real world experiences. Student's enhanced entrepreneurial skills expand career options after graduation to include entrepreneurship and starting their own company.

In March, Covid-19 became a global pandemic. It's aggressive spread made it unsafe for students to return to campus after spring break. OC immediately began delivering live, online lectures in the transition to virtual learning. I2E shifted the annual entrepreneur competition online as well.

After working together on campus for months, these students adapted their presentation to the Zoom environment. The competition began with the interview stage. Team Argus and their competitors met with industry experts for guidance on the business idea. Then the teams submitted written business plans. Once the plans were evaluated, the teams pitched their business plan to investors who serve as judges.

The Argus business concept centered on a product that collects information on a person's physical health using motion capture technology. Through biomechanics analysis software, the Argus concept provides employers with vital insight into the health and safety of their workers.

Team Argus aced the interview stage, taking the top spot in this category for the first time! Then the final announcement, identifying team Argus as the winner of the Small Business Division, turned into a virtual celebration as team members congratulated one another.

Director of Eagle Ventures Seth Reiter serves as advisor for the competition, guiding the team in researching, writing and presenting the business plan. Reiter, a 2016 OC alum, has a degree in mechanical engineering and a master's of business administration. He shares his own entrepreneurial spirit with the Love's Cup teams.

"My mission is to be an on-campus resource to help cultivate a self-starter mindset," said Reiter. "My goal is to inspire Christian entrepreneurship by actively creating opportunities for students to be involved with OC startup projects, in turn developing their professional and leadership skills."

Oklahoma Christian students are purpose-driven innovators preparing for a future we haven’t yet discovered. Named the Best Total Package University in Oklahoma by Zippia, the OC community is made up of unique individuals who often win academic competitions. Located in Oklahoma City on a 200-acre walking campus, OC offers a personalized education experience with a student to faculty ratio of 14 to one.