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Spiritual Life Celebrates One Million Spiritual Experiences

Ethos Shirt Chapel


Congratulations to Addyson Shipley and the Music Chapel for being the recipients of our one millionth kudo!

That means, one million spiritual life experiences had by our students.

Spiritual life is at the core of the OC experience, and in 2014, the ETHOS program was born. With our ETHOS model for Spiritual Life, you can use your gifts and talents to grow in faith, glorify God and serve others. And kudos help you keep track of your progress.

ETHOS encourages you to practice spiritual disciplines in five dimensions – Community, Discipleship, Discovery, Servanthood and Worship – while allowing space for the Holy Spirit to work, wherever you may be on the pathway of faith. You can customize your path by selecting from a new list of services each semester based on their interests. We host singing chapels, service projects, Bible studies and much more! And from the first time you step foot into first week chapel until the day you earn your last kudo, you will learn, pray and connect with your peers.

The Numbers:

    • Approximately 640 chapels per school year
    • About 2,200 total Ethos events per school year
      • This includes chapels, bible studies, mentor groups, and service projects
    • Average 180,000 student check-ins at Ethos events per year
    • About 1,400 Ethos event led by OC faculty and staff per year
    • About 800 Ethos events led by OC students per year
    • 1,000,000+ check-ins
First Week Chapel
Students, faculty and staff join together for chapel during the first week of school.

Spiritual formation happens over time: day-by-day, week-by-week, and year-by-year. ETHOS challenges you to be active and interactive as you serve, learn, and worship in community, even if it doesn't happen overnight. We're proud of your spiritual growth, and we celebrate with each step along the way, small or large. And now we've had the pleasure of doing that over a million times.

On to the next million.