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Oklahoma Christian Introduces Multiple Annual Start Dates

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Make OC home whenever you're ready.

In the fall of 2021, we introduced 7-week Term II courses that start mid semester. Courses in each term cover a variety of subjects and are built to allow you to catch up on credits or get ahead!

What's more - with the addition of Term II courses in the fall and spring, you can now make OC your home for education all year round. We now offer start dates in all four seasons for you to take advantage of, whether you need to catch up, stay on track or get ahead. Even better, there's no pressure to start when you aren't ready.


  • Is Term II the start of the spring semester?
    • No! Term II starts mid semester and occurs in both the fall and spring.
    • Who can sign up for classes during these new start dates?
      • You can! If you're a transfer, a new student or a current student, you can sign up for courses.
    • How do I find Term II courses?
      • We will post updated courses for the term here. These courses are subject to change!
    • When do Term II courses start?
      • That depends on the course and the semester! It'll generally be mid semester for BOTH fall and spring. Check here for current start dates.
    • If I can't enroll in Term II this semester, can I next semester?
      • Absolutely! We plan on offering a variety of terms year after year to help you rock college (and maybe even graduate early)!
    • Can I take Term II courses while enrolled in other classes?
      • Yes! Once you decide you're ready to learn something new, go for it! Just make sure that if your Term II class is in person, that you don't already have a full semester class during that time.
    • Are Term II courses in-person or online?
      • Well, both! Right now, we are mostly offering courses online. You'll see how the course is offered next to the name of the class!

    Annual start dates are offered in the fall, spring, summer and winter. For an overview, check out our Academic Calendar. Take advantage of the extra terms to stay on top of your credits, graduate early or simply learn something new. Customize your college experience to you!


    Semester: 15-16 week courses

    Term: 3 or 7-week courses