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Jason Brown's Journey to Humble Leadership

Jason Brown with Granddaughter

To the recently appointed Deputy Superintendent of Oklahoma City Public Schools Jason Brown, students come first.

Jason Brown was named Deputy Superintendent of OKC Public Schools in 2020.

In providing a superior experience for students, Brown recognizes the need for well-rounded health. In his new position, Brown partners with Embrace, OKC Public Schools’ social and mental health program, to provide needed resources to K-12 students. Brown also educates students, educators and community members on the importance of cultural competency and the harmful impact of ignorance. Most recently, he served as the COVID-19 safety lead.

COVID-19 complicated academic decisions. Schools are a safe space with food and counselors at hand. When a pandemic threatens the safety of students and teachers, decisions grow arduous. Brown successfully guided his community through the pandemic, eventually opening up schools to full in-person classes.

“I no longer place limits on what we can do in a short matter of time,” Brown said. “I’ve learned to take bold leaps into new ground. All you need to do is carry morality, humility and integrity alongside you.”

Brown has succeeded in education for over a quarter of a century. He’s been a high school teacher, a human resources coordinator, a principal and superintendent. Few have succeeded in so many facets of education. But despite the wealth of experience and knowledge, Brown’s humility overflows. Even as he’s moved out of the classroom and into the front office, student experience and growth drives each administrative decision.

“Education can be challenging, but it is so rewarding,” Brown said. “You are a part of changing someone’s life. There’s this innate sense of pride and joy with saying, ‘look at this [student] develop. I had a hand in that.’”
Jason Brown attributes his success in part to his family.

Brown attributes his success to his wife Laura, their two grown children and, what he calls the “best four years of his life” at OC. He graduated from Oklahoma Christian University in 1994 after diving head first into his psychology and history education double major. He learned under OC greats like the late Dr. Jim Wilson, Dr. John Thompson and Dr. Floyd Coppedge. He then earned a Master’s of Educational Leadership at Southern Nazarene University and went on to be rewarded for his good work with numerous promotions, building relationships with educators and students across Oklahoma along the way. Brown’s career has been fruitful, and we anticipate many years of growth and humble influence ahead.