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Grad School Tuition Hack

You know an advanced degree will help your career, but you're short on time and money. Well, here's how you can earn the most affordable MBA from a quality, nationally ranked program. Oklahoma Christian University offers the most flexible MBA in Oklahoma City by delivering classes online, in person or your own, custom hybrid combination.

This hack will only work if completed Summer 2021! Plans are in the works to change class formats, and this will affect how certificate courses are applied to your transcript. So, save $2,628 by applying now!

Step 1 - Apply for a Graduate Certificate

Summer is the time to enroll at OC for a graduate certificate. Class begins May 10 and you will complete the certificate in only three classes! Choose from six speciality focus areas that will immediately benefit you in your career: digital marketing, leadership, project management, health services management, human resource management or financial management. Apply now!

Step 2 - Build Your Transcript

Those three classes are now permanently added to your transcript. Congratulations, you've just completed 25% of your MBA at nearly half the cost! You now have a great foundation to continue to your MBA.

Remember, this hack will no longer apply after Summer 2021, so you will need to complete your three certificate courses within Summer Session I beginning May 10 and Summer Session II beginning June 23.

Step 3 - Apply to the MBA Program

Now, you have a certificate to add to your resume AND you've completed nine hours toward your MBA at a bargain rate. Apply for fall enrollment in OC's highly acclaimed MBA program. You've just saved $2,628!

Enjoy LOWER Tuition, LOWER Fees & Books INCLUDED

OC has just announced new pricing for graduate school that amps up your savings as you continue beyond the certificate with your MBA. Effective Summer 2021, tuition is $40 less per hour, online fees are eliminated, technology fees are gone and books are included.

Breaking Down the Math

$625 Current Graduate Tuition Per Hour

$585 NEW Lower Tuition Beginning Summer 2021

$333 Graduate Certificate Tuition Per Hour

Your three classes total nine hours. You're saving $292 per hour off of current prices. That's a total, nine-hour savings of $2,628.

$2,628 Savings using the Graduate Certificate hack

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