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OC has the most affordable online master’s degree in Oklahoma for principals and superintendents!

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Oklahoma Christian University announces MBA in Educational Leadership, preparing educators for principalship.

You’re ready to move from the classroom into administration, and the MBA in Educational Leadership at Oklahoma Christian University will get you there at the lowest cost for online convenience. For just $15,000, you will earn your accredited degree online, paving the way for a career in educational administration.

A master’s degree in education will allow you to go from the classroom to the front office. If you have a heart for leadership and want to take on being a principal, you need a master’s degree. And, the degree is worth it!

Educators wear many different hats.

You will take charge of your own schedule with online classes, finish in just two years and qualify to become a principal by the end of the program. OC will prepare you for both the Principal Oklahoma Subject Area Test and give you the skills necessary for leading a school. In OC’s MBA, you’ll be prepared to take on:

  • Budget Management
  • Community Relations
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Technology and Infrastructure
  • Interactions with Parents
  • Discipline
  • Data Assessment
  • Program Evaluation and Planning
  • School Safety
  • Teacher Evaluation

An MBA in Educational Leadership can also open doors for athletic directors, curriculum directors, college faculty, instructional coaches, program administrators and human resources professionals.

Teachers inspire the next generation of change makers!

Once you have your degree in hand, you’ll be leading your school to excellence. As principal, your school is a reflection of your leadership, decision making and organizational management skills. You succeed with your students, teachers, coaches and teams. No two days are ever alike as you rise to face new challenges and positively impact your campus.

The world awaits your story! Apply today.