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Film Festivals Select Eagle Film

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student film crew on location

The Communication department's Professor David Jurney and his Eagle Film students have won more awards!

Eagle Film students directed and produced 'Assisted Living' from screen play to auditions, site selection to lighting, and editing to sound effects to create a wonderful short film that has film festival audiences chuckling. Meet Brian. He is the main character who hits a bit of a rough patch. He loses his job then his roommate kicked him out. None too keen on the idea of him moving back home, Brian's mom signed him up for a free housing program. The catch; Brian's new roommate and his new apartment are in an assisted living community.

'Assisted Living' is the hysterical, award winning production of Eagle Film students led by Professor David Jurney.

"This continues a long run of nominations and awards that Professor Jurney's films have earned over the past several years. I am proud of Professor David Jurney's hard work and excellence in his craft," said Communication Department Chair Dr. Brian Simmons.

Best Dramedy and Best Actor in a Short, Sunny Side Up Film Festival (2020)

Won Best Comedy and Best Oklahoma Soil film, Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival (2020)

Nominated for Best Short, San Angelo Revolution Film Festival (2020)

Nominated for Best Okie Long Short, Clean Shorts Film Festival (2020)

Selected for the Will Rogers Motion Picture Festival

Students reflect lighting while shooting in a park.
Brian and his Assisted Living roommate share a bonding moment.
Brian loses his job at the comic book store.
The film crew puts in long hours.
More long hours of filming.
The entire process is filled with lots of laughs.