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Christopher Sartin celebrates his time at OC and discusses his work at the Museum of the Bible

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  • Gaming & Animation
Chris Sartin

Christopher Sartin landed his dream job! The AR/VR Engineer at Museum of the Bible credits his community of encouragers.

Sartin wanted three things out of college: reputable gaming and computer science programs, a faith-focused institution and a convenient location. At the start of the decade, universities with award-winning Gaming & Animation and Computer Science programs were few and far between. Those with great programs called for Sartin to move across the country or sacrifice his desire for a faith-centric university. Fortunately, Sartin discovered Oklahoma Christian University, home to just what he needed: an award-winning Gaming & Animation program, a university focused on faith and a prime location in Oklahoma City.

Graduating in the spring of 2017 with a degree in Computer Science with Gaming & Animation, Sartin quickly caught the eye of the Museum of the Bible, a high-technology, faith-oriented museum that explores the Bible through history and virtual reality. By November 2018, Sartin accepted a job as an AR/VR engineer.

“I am really excited about the experimental things I get to do. Part of my job is getting to explore and develop technologies we don’t even have yet,” said Sartin. “Anything that lets me breach the realm of possibility and go wherever I want to help develop things that make the museum popular, make it interesting or even make it flourish - that’s the stuff that really makes me happy.”

Christopher Sartin discusses his innovative work from his office at Museum of the Bible.

Like many people put into a new position, Sartin admitted to struggling with self-doubt. He has difficulty acknowledging the good work he does, sometimes feeling as if he has fallen short of what his employers expect of him. Fortunately, he not only has bosses and coworkers that consistently encourage each other, but he has come to realize the importance of growth.

“I’ve had to research a lot. I’ve had to ask for help. I’ve had to develop skills for a software set that I don’t usually use,” said Sartin.

While Sartin has only been at the Museum of the Bible for about a year, his manager, Mario A. Rosas, a Product Manager at the Museum of the Bible, has recognized his strong skill-set, noting that his knowledge exceeds that of many recent college graduates.

“Chris is an incredibly bright and talented team member,” Rosas said. “He dives into work with contagious positivity and uses his curiosity to sharpen his problem solving skills. Chris is a tremendous asset and an all around great guy. The Museum of the Bible is lucky to have him working to achieve our mission.”

Sartin acknowledges that OC played a great role in preparing him for the work he does now.

The only member in his family to attend OC, Sartin jumped right into student life. He channeled his energy into Alpha Gamma Omega, computer science-oriented clubs, being a Computer Science teacher’s assistant and rehearsing with his college band. These outlets allowed Sartin to dive into his passion for people.

“One of the biggest things I learned was how important making good friendships is,” said Sartin. “The relationships you form and the things that you learn from your friends are really a large part of growing up.”

The friendships built with peers and professors at OC helped Sartin realize how much he valued community in the workplace. He strove for a community where he could spread his love for gaming to others, hoping to inspire as his professors had inspired him.

Christoper Sartin is an OC alum with a degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in gaming and animation.

Sartin said professors at OC also taught him to be independent.

“Coding is always changing. Different versions come out,” said Sartin. “The professors really taught us how to think, how to look things up and how to critically act on those things that we learned. [Our classes] teach us how to think, how to explore and how to make amazing products.”

Sartin diligently tackles the huge responsibility of working for the Museum of the Bible, acknowledging that he is capable. He recognizes the room for growth, thrives off the love of people and puts his trust in God.

“It may seem daunting, and there are a lot of people telling you what to do, this way or that way, but trust your instincts,” said Sartin. “Trust God. Do the best you can, because at the end of the day, that’s all you can do.”