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Christine Merideth Advances to Chief Advancement Officer

Christine Merideth Speaking
Christine Merideth presenting at 2022 Associates Gala

On June 1, 2022, Christine Merideth will assume the role of OC's Chief Advancement Officer, proceeding Kent Allen's successful time fundraising and building connections in the role.

Her promotion comes not long after she became the first female Senior Gifts Officer, successfully fundraising for several recent projects, including the recently renovated Meinders Conference Center.

"Most recently, I'm proud of Meinders," Merideth said. "I believe the conference center is going to provide us the opportunity to serve our community and invite more people onto our campus."

It's no surprise that Merideth earned this new role, as she is well-known and well-respected on and off campus by alumni, donors, students and colleagues.

Not only is she a friend to many in our community, but her gifts and professionalism make her perfect for the role. Merideth has been an integral member of OC’s highly successful fundraising team since 2000. Over the years, Merideth has focused on literally every area of Advancement from back office operations to center stage presentations – gift processing, donor research and stewardship, leading volunteers, campaign planning, tactics and strategy, public presentations and asking individuals, families, foundations and businesses for charitable support. She's held the titles of Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Advancement, Director of Advancement Operations, Senior Gifts Officer and now Chief Advancement Officer. Merideth naturally leads and fundraises, and her commitment to OC is peerless.

"I love this place," Merideth said. "I love all of the people associated with OC. The donors. The students. I enjoy working with the president. It's just who I am. The people are what I truly love about this place, and I love that all of my kids have come here and that I've built such personal connections over the last 30 years."

Merideth humbly attributes some of her success to the people she's had the opportunity to work with. Donors allow students to receive scholarships and create beautiful spaces on campus for our community to enjoy. She appreciates the support and friendship of her coworkers.

"I have always been a part of a great team," Merideth said. "You can't do any of this by yourself. We all help each other succeed. The alumni and advancement teams have always been great to work with."

Merideth has also appreciated the leadership of Kent Allen, especially in the last decade. Allen presented Merideth the opportunity to let her talents shine, asking her to serve as his Executive Assistant in 2012 and then mentored her as she quickly grew in responsibility, lifting her out of her comfort zone. And now she's confidently taking on his role as he moves in to a part-time fundraising position.

As she's grown in responsibility, Merideth has also grown in visibility on campus, speaking at more events and being a leader students can look up to. She acknowledges the growing impact she has on students, especially her daughter, Payton, who is a Human Development & Family Science major on campus.

"My daughter is proud of me, and so are her friends," Merideth said. "It's just really good to see that. I'm proud that they're able to see me grow, and I was surprised at how important that was to Payton and her friends. It's important to lead by example, knowing the impact it has on this generation. I do my best to positively lead and be someone students can look to, especially Payton. I take that responsibility seriously."

As she approaches June 1, Merideth looks forward to helping OC thrive. She anticipates strengthening relationships and continuing to support the blessings OC receives in the coming years, excited to see how the campus grows.

"I'm looking forward to God using me in this role for all the ways He wants to bless this place," Merideth said.

Get to Know Christine Merideth:

  • She was Employee of the Year in 2012.
  • She's been a part of Oklahoma Christian Women's Association (OCWA).
  • She was a part of Leadership OC.
  • She's served in the Rotary Club of Edmond.
  • She graduated from OC in 1991 with a degree in Mass Communication & Public Relations - taught by Dr. Phillip Patterson!
  • Before her career in Advancement, she was a Hall Director from 1992-94.
  • We weren't kidding about the ease with which Merideth makes friends. Check out the love she received for her most recent two promotions!