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Higher education is changing to meet the needs of all kinds of students. Oklahoma Christian University offers new programs that do not follow the traditional path to a degree. These alternatives are available, flexible and affordable.

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You can begin general education courses online in preparation for OC’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. While you are in the program, you will be provided employment through Integris Hospital! This partnership allows you, as a nurse technician, to receive work experience while beginning your nursing education.

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Alternative Teacher Certification for Paraprofessionals

Are you working, but want to further your education? Teacher's assistants can double their salary in 4-years by becoming a teacher.

Paraprofessionals, you can complete an online Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies to qualify for Oklahoma's alternative teacher certification. Your 3-part degree will include Education, English and Human Development. Plus, you'll receive a university certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language as a part of your degree. This 4-year, online degree will prepare you to take the Oklahoma teacher certification exams!

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Acad­e­my of Alter­na­tive Teacher Certification

Oklahoma needs teachers! Students need you!

Help to fill the teacher shortage with affordable alternative certification credits. Degreed adults who are approved by the State Board of Education to pursue an alternative certification can enroll in OC's Academy of Alternative Certification. Take the two required courses online: Classroom Management and Educational Pedagogy at a cost of $2,000 for both classes!

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Concurrent Enrollment for Students & High Schools

Earn college credit as a high school student!

We welcome you to get a head start on your college coursework through online or on-campus classes. To get started, complete the free online concurrent application and submit your transcript and ACT or SAT scores! Then, we will reach out to you to start customizing your schedule.

Additionally, high schools can offer courses for concurrent credit on their own campus! High school teachers with a master's degree may be approved to teach college-level courses in their area of expertise. And, we make it easy! OC will provide you with the syllabus, and we will work with you to ensure college-level rigor.

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Customize Your Degree

Other Non-traditional Opportunities


Registered Nurses — Your training, education and work experience all combine to give you credit for what you already know! Skip class for the skills and competencies you have by testing out of that segment. This program is custom to YOU!

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Graduate Certificates

Whether its post-grad or pre-grad, certificates significantly push your career forward. Get certified with a new skill and jump start your career!

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Cost of Attendance

Virtual Tutoring

Need help with your studies? We've got you covered! Schedule a virtual session with one of our tutors.


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Expertise: Anatomy, Biology, Psychology



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Expertise: Algebra, Math Functions


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Why OC?

OC is a four-year liberal arts university accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Concurrent credits earned through OC flow seamlessly into our undergraduate degree programs.

If you choose to pursue your college degree at another university, our courses transfer to a wide variety of institutions. For the most accurate transfer information, contact our Registrar!