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College of Liberal Arts

The heart and life of education of OC, the College of Liberal Arts teaches you how to translate knowledge and passion into action, cultivate the ability to discern truth and apply moral principles, and find inspiration in art and music.

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Explore the Diverse Liberal Arts Majors

Employers say ...

The most important skills new graduates need is the ability to think critically, communicate clearly and solve complex problems. The development of these skills is at the core of every program in OC’s College of Liberal Arts.

Dean Spotlight

Each of our degrees has it's own identity reflecting the varied goals of our students. Our faculty provide the learning and experiences to launch students into a successful future.

Dr. Tina Winn / Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
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Beyond the Lecture

Learning in the College of Liberal Arts happens in labs and studios, on stage & at competitions.

Experience learning as you create, perform, write, direct, strategize, investigate, produce and analyze as a student in the College of Liberal Arts. And, take your best work to state, regional and national competitions where OC students impress judges, meet influencers and build impressive resumes.

OC Labs & Studios

Kicker Sound Lab

Cox Digital Lab

Social Media Command Center

Art Studios

Judd Theatre

Baugh Auditorium

Steitsinger Journalism Lab

Art Gallery

Sparks Visualization Lab

Podcast Studio

Television Studio

Eagle PR

200 hours in the field|Education Majors

Writing Center

Soundings Literary Journal

Phi Alpha Theta Journal

Recent Results

Three 1st, one 2nd, one 3rd place at the Oklahoma Broadcast Education Assoc.

Four film festival awards for 2018 movie production

Two finalists in Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Awards

Five semi-finalists in the South Central Broadcasting Society Awards

2nd at Sigma Tau Delta International Conference

24 Consecutive Best Chapter awards for Tau Sigma chapter of Phi Alpha Theta history honors society

Meet our stu­dents & alumni

Col­lege of Lib­er­al Arts

Departments, School & Division

Department of Art + Design, Chaired by Dr. John Fletcher

Department of Communication, Chaired by Dr. Brian Simmons

Department of Language & Literature, Chaired by Dr. Gail Nash

Department of Music, Chaired by Dr. Heath Jones

School of Teacher Education, Chaired by Dr. Darin Martin

Division of Behavioral & Social Sciences, Chaired by Dr. Trey Orndorff

The College of Liberal Arts hosts a majority of the general education core and a broad array of majors across the humanities, fine and performing arts, behavioral sciences and social science. These programs foster skills in areas employers say they need for today's changing employment landscape--the ability to read critically, think broadly, write and speak cogently and engage complex discourse. The small-university experience affords students access to faculty mentoring, research and experiential learning opportunities that yield national quality outcomes.

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The Long-Term Investment of a Liberal Arts Degree

  • 5-7 Millennials average 5-7 career changes. A liberal arts degree offers the broad-based foundation for successful transitions.*
  • 75% Most employers encourage a well-rounded liberal arts education that supports solving complex problems.*
  • 95%+ Those with Liberal Arts degrees who are employed throughout their career, ages 21-50.*
  • 50s By their 50s, liberal arts majors' earnings outpace those with professional degrees.**