Awesomeness Brewing

Posted more than a year ago.

I just came back from a quick walk through the Mabee Learning Center (MLC), future home of The Brew, and I have to tell you I'm pumped! We've finally crossed the threshold from demolition to creation, and it's looking more like a coffee shop all the time. Since you couldn't walk with me, though, let me give you a few pics just to whet your appetite for the caffeinated goodness to come.

Here's the 2nd floor atrium this last summer. The glass on the upper-left is looking onto the third-floor stacks and study area. The walls on the left are what used to be OC's executive offices (Vice President for Advancement and the President). The glass on the right, of course, overlooks the Gaylord Forum and the Williams-Branch Center for Biblical Studies.

Coffee Shop Before

Here's almost that same view today. Previous walls/hallways are gone. You can see the "cloud" hanging down over where the barista's counter will soon be installed. If you squint, you can also see the new prep area and study room all the way in the back. THIS. PLACE. IS. HUGE.


Much of the furniture for The Brew has arrived on campus, too. Judging from this pic, it appears our students are already taking full advantage.


Oh, and a little passion project of mine. This is a picture of the balcony railing on the north side of MLC this last fall. We haven't talked about this little venture as much, but we're upgrading this 9-foot by 68-foot balcony (which has not been used by students for as long as I can remember) to become an outdoor community space for The Brew. This is especially awesome, given that this balcony now overlooks one of the prettiest views we have on campus, Hartman Place.

Balcony Before

Step one of this upgrade is bringing the railing up to code (and making it pretty). Our metal guy just knocked out the initial upgrades to the rails and a paint job comes next. Then we're tackling the flooring, lights, doors, and furniture. My hope is that we see "The Brew Balcony at Hartman Place" open up alongside our hip new coffee shop this spring.


Looks good, right? Can't wait to get out on this bad boy with a good book and a hot cup of OC's best.

More soon.