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Celebration  of Excellence

Celebration of Excellence

Celebration of Excellence is one of the first opportunities for OC students to observe and hear about the academic work and research of their fellow students. Presenters have the desire to share their work with others, communicating the discoveries they have made, bringing them closer to God, and helping them prepare for lives of service. Those attending the sessions will gain new knowledge and be intellectually and spiritually inspired to launch into scholarly activities in the future.

  • Undergraduate research
  • Creations of visual art, video, animation and virtual reality
  • Musical, theatrical, poetic and dance performance
  • Internship accomplishments
  • Competition entries

Call for Proposals Closed

OC will come together to showcase accomplishments from every corner of campus. God has revealed himself in our learning and discovery and this is YOUR opportunity to share that with our campus, family, friends and the community.

Cybersecurity class

Ambitious Progress

OC students produce research and presentations that win awards and recognition at competitions throughout the country. Celebration of Excellence is an opportunity to share these projects with our own campus community.