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Earn Your Wings

2019 Ike 50

After you attend Take Flight, you’ll be ready to Earn Your Wings (EYW)! Beginning with moving into the dorms Saturday, August 8th and continuing through Wednesday, August 12th, EYW prepares new students for OC success.

Starting college can be scary. Even the most excited new freshmen may experience anxiety when they think about this huge transition. Earn Your Wings is a week long immersion into the culture of Oklahoma Christian University planned and led by current students (with help from the Freshmen Experience team).

EYW is designed to help students get to know...each other, some of our finest students, the OC campus, and many of our favorite student traditions. Students are also equipped with several tools to help transition to the world of college academics. Earn Your Wings is where students develop the confidence (and wings!) needed to fly through the first semester of college.

The Earn Your Wings experience is customized for each new freshmen class. In an effort to deliver a fun, informative, and relevant experience, the EYW schedule will be in the works right up until students arrive on campus in August.

Activities have typically featured: inspirational speakers, small discussion groups and tons of entertainment. This event has a great reputation for getting students successfully started on the college path! Check out the EYW recap video from 2018 and get ready.