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Healthcare & Research Career Exploration Experience

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Not sure what you want to do for the rest of your life? Well, join the club!

Our Career Exploration Experience allow you to do some hands-on lab activities in these science-based fields, and strengthen your understanding of yourself by participating in a career interest test.

We will practice healthy distancing and CDC recommended lab protocols for everyone's safety. Bring along your favorite mask!

Healthcare & Research

Work with faculty members to explore how biology, chemistry and physics prepare you for a career in healthcare, medical laboratory sciences or scientific research. This experience investigates several areas:

* Roles in medicine: doctor, physician's assistant, dentist, pharmacist, etc.

* Medical Laboratory Scientist: a healthcare detective trained to look for the presence or absence of disease; data you provide physicians helps determine the best treatment for patients.

* Scientific Research: research fields span from biomedical science, chemistry, food science, cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry, environmental science, and many more; research scientists are experts in utilizing the scientific method to ask and answer questions about the world.

A Snapshot of Your Day

9:45 am - Arrive at the OC Welcome Center, it's #11 on the Campus Map
10:00 am - Interactive lab experience with Faculty
11:00 am - Science Division Chapel
11:30 am - Lunch in the Branch - We're buying!
12:30 pm - Career Direct test administered by OC's Day Six Calling & Career service

Career Exploration Experiences are also offered in the fields of Nursing, Exercise Physiology and Physical Therapy other dates throughout the fall semester. Check the calendar for the Wednesday that best fits your interest, or try them all to discover a career path that you have not yet considered.

In OC's premier Nursing Skills and Simulation Lab, experience healthcare through the eyes of a nurse! Work side by side with a member of our nursing faculty to recreate patient interactions with high tech models of patients in a hospital setting.

Exercise Physiology and Physical Therapy
Explore the different client assessment roles of an exercise physiologist and physical therapist.

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Future Eagles