Church Relations

From its beginning in 1950, Oklahoma Christian University has served churches of Christ
as part of its mission. OC has long ties with churches of Christ and many of our faculty
and staff are active in preaching, teaching, speaking at lectureships and serving in many
other ways. We are all deeply committed to continuing the long-term relationship OC
has had with many congregations and individuals throughout the brotherhood.

The Church Relations team was established to serve area congregations by providing services and programs such as lectureships, seminars, publications, and speakers for special events, as well as educating youth from congregations around the world.  It also provides special services highlighted on this website include: OC lectureship, eBibleStudy website with free bible courses for your congregation, a monthly newsletter called “Good News,” a quarterly newsletter called “Man of God” for young men who have an interest in preaching, summer camps held on the OC campus, and posting of ministry openings and other opportunities.

We invite your thoughts and comments. You can reach the Church Relations office by email at or you can click "Contact Us" for a listing of individuals you might like to reach.