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Policy: Alcohol Beverages & Illegal Drugs, Enforcement of Law

The possession, use, sale or distribution of alcohol, illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia, and misuse of prescription drugs, is NOT tolerated by Oklahoma Christian University.

If it is reasonably determined a student has been or is using alcohol or illegal drugs, the student may be required to take a breath or drug test. The student will be required to pay for the test(s) if the results are positive, and the student will be subject to fines and further punitive action.

Substance Abuse

To protect the safety and well-being of our students, the University takes a very strong stand against the possession, use or distribution of alcohol and illegal drugs. This also includes the improper use and distribution of prescription drugs. Due to the addictive nature of these substances and the often-tragic consequences of their use, OC has adopted a no-tolerance policy towards alcohol, marijuana, and the misuse of prescription drugs, and illegal drugs. The possession, use or distribution (both on campus and off campus) of these substances or related paraphernalia is punishable by suspension. OC will cooperate with local, state or federal law officers in investigations of the illegal possession, use or distribution of these substances.

  • If a Resident Director, Director of Residence Life, or Dean of Students reasonably believes a student has been using alcohol he or she can request the student to take an alcohol breath test.
  • If it is determined that it is reasonably likely that a student has used illegal drugs, the student is required to participate in drug testing off campus.
  • Students are responsible for paying for drug tests if the test results are positive.
  • Tampered specimens are automatically considered a positive test with the student also held accountable for attempting to deceive the university. Refusal to submit to testing for alcohol or drug use is grounds for suspension.
  • A student who is honest about alcohol or drug possession, use or distribution may potentially be eligible to remain at OC if the Dean of Students determines the student is performing satisfactorily socially and academically and is not likely to repeat a drug or alcohol infraction.
  • In lieu of suspension, the following is required: a 10-week disciplinary probation, an alcohol/drug screening assessment to be completed within five days of the determination that a violation has occurred and a six-session counseling program.
  • The student assumes all costs for the alcohol education and substance abuse screening.
  • This option of being able to remain at the university is granted only once during a student’s career. A second alcohol or drug offense will result in suspension.
  • A student with an alcohol or drug violation may be subject to random alcohol or drug tests during the probationary period with testing costs assumed by the student.
  • Failure to meet these or any other requirements set by appropriate university officials is grounds for suspension.

NOTE: Counseling services are available at the Wellness Center for substance abuse and addiction. A student may voluntarily seek assistance from the Wellness Center without being referred for disciplinary action. Our first concern is for the well-being of students and getting help if desired.


Tobacco is a proven addictive health hazard. It is also the cause of many custodial problems in facilities. The use or possession of tobacco in any form is prohibited on campus.

E-Cigarettes and Other Vapor Smoking Devices

These devices have the look and feel of real cigarettes and even emit smoke. They do not promote a healthy lifestyle, therefore their use or possession is prohibited on campus.

Biannual Substance Abuse Report

ViolationsSuspensions10-week probationSix counseling sessions