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Get to Know Us on Instagram

Let’s get to know each other! Meet some of our professors to gain insight into their classes, their journeys to and with OC, and some fun facts about their personal life. Explore the stories of some of our staff who lead programs that support our students and our campus. It’s all waiting for you on Instagram.

Here’s how to see OC’s faculty & staff on stories!

Step 1: Launch Instagram

Step 2: Search for “Oklahoma Christian” or “@ok_christian”

Step 3: Follow us!

Step 4: Check out the maroon circle highlights to get to know us better.

Step 5: Participate in the polls and message your comments so we can get to know you too!

Following @ok_christian means you will continue to meet more of our outstanding faculty and staff who personally invest in individual student's success. They do this by building top educational programs in their fields like gaming & animation and health science. They help you get scholarships, offer unique, hands-on learning opportunities, and guide you through national and international competitions in things like business, graphic design, engineering and public relations. OC connects you with professionals in your chosen field to help you land an internship or a job. You will have people in your corner to help you apply for graduate school and fellowships. And, we join together to spread the love of Jesus through mission work here at home and around the world.