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Freshman Perspective

2020-21 Freshman Morgan Shropshire's s transition to college

Oklahoma Christian University freshman Morgan Shropshire wrote about her transition to a college student. Published in Corridor Magazine, Morgan gives an inside look at what to expect when you're new to higher education. Here's what Morgan had to say:

Hi! My name is Morgan and I am a freshman to Oklahoma Christian University (OC) in Edmond. Coming into college I was so nervous and had no real thought on what college was about to be like, so hopefully at the time of this writing I can give some high school students a little insight.

Morgan Shropshire EYW
Morgan Shropshire posing with friends at "Throm," a prom-like event where the clothes worn are found at thrift stores.

How was the transition from High School to College?

Transitioning from high school to college was not super easy. Even though I was excited to start this next chapter of my life, there was so much I wasn't accustomed to such as dorm life, college classes and learning to navigate the café every day.

What is "Dorm Life" like?

When it comes to dorm life, it was kind of an odd at first sharing a tiny room with a complete stranger. And by the way, my roommate did turn out to be amazing! And it was tough to figure how to work around each other.

What are college classes like?

As for college classes, man oh man, I truly thought I had developed very good study habits in high school, but coming to college, I learned that I had to find different ways to study in order to succeed. Even though college classes are not the easiest, OC is such an amazing school filled with awesome students and supportive faculty who are always willing to help because they want to see you succeed.

Morgan Shropshire EYW
Morgan Shropshire with her hub group during Earn Your Wings, the official name of Oklahoma Christian's Freshman Orientation week.

What is the food like in college?

Another random thing I had to get used to was learning how to navigate the café, which we call "The Branch". I know it sounds silly to talk about navigating The Branch along with these other challenges, but I just was not used to really getting to pick from a ton of options every day. When it comes to The Branch, there are several stations with all kinds of foods, from "fresh" with salads to "flame" with hamburgers. Each day one never knows what is going to be in the café but if there is something you like, you can email the people who run the café and ask them to serve that and they will!

Even though it was a bit of a transition from high school to college, I am loving it and have learned that Oklahoma Christian truly is home.