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Eagle Lingo

Do you speak Eagle? You will intuitively understand lots of the words that you will hear at OC; like caf and Bauditorium. But, some of the other lingo, like Dub and forum, will have you searching for the Eagle language on Rosetta Stone. Check out this helpful little glossary of terms and you will be speaking fluent Eagle in no time.

1st Floorthe 1st floor of the library, where quiet study takes place
3rd Floorthe 3rd floor of the library, where more robust collaboration takes place
Alma Matera) the university one has graduated from, b) the song "Hail to Oklahoma Christian" sung in Big Chapel, written by the late Dr. Harold Fletcher
Baughditoriumthe campus' main auditorium, officially Baugh Auditorium
Big Chapelall of campus gathers on Mondays at 11 a.m. in Baugh Auditorium for worship and a biblical message
Branchthe award-winning cafeteria
Brewcampus coffee shop
Cailthe Cail Auditorium located inside DAH
Chapeldevotional opportunities offered M-F at 11 a.m. in both small and large groups, it's all on the Ethos app
Clock Towera campus landmark worth walking around (it is said walking underneath the tower may result in adding a year to your graduation date) or maybe worth walking under with someone by your side (it is said you will marry the person you walk with under the tower)
Clubmen's and women's social service clubs, OC's version of fraternity/sorority
Club Competitionlike house points at Hogwarts, points are awarded for all aspects of club involvement and sometimes include cash or prizes
Cocoa & Carolsthe annual joyous singing of Christmas carols followed by the consupmption of cocoa and treats provided by OCWA
Commonsofficially Lawson Commons, the park-like green space from the dorms to the clock tower
Convocation/First Chapelduring the first week of school, we gather in the Nest for first week chapel. No alternative chapels are held this week!
DAH and other such lettersabbreviations for the names of buildings like Davisson American Heritage, best refer to the campus map for this version of Eagle Lingo
Dubthe main fitness center open to students, faculty and the community
Ethosour spiritual life opportunities and accountability. There's an app for that!
EYWEarn Your Wings a one-week orientation for new students
First Chapela tradition that kicks off the school year with faculty in full academic regalia, presentation of the mace and other symbolic gestures
First Week Folliesan annual variety show featuring faculty, staff and sometimes alumni that takes place the first week of school
Freshman Fanfarean annual talent show featuring freshmen that is widely attended by the OC community
HOCOabbreviation for homecoming, an annual event of fun and frivolity that takes place the first weekend in November in which all are invited to campus: alumni, families of current students, employees and friends
HOCO Courtelected representatives of each class announced at the Eagle basketball game, among which, a king and queen are selected
HOCO Eventsseason-opening basketball game, Broadway musical production, parade, club activities and competitions, reunions, alumni awards, alumni banquet, cookout, and more
HOCO Musicala musical produced for Homecoming featuring OC student talent, auditions are open to all students
Hub Familya small group of students, including Hub Parents, at Earn Your Wings
Hub Groupa small group of students at Earn Your Wings
Hublinga student at Earn Your Wings who belongs to a Hub
Hub Parentsupperclassmen who volunteer to guide and mentor new students through Earn Your Wings
Intramuralssports competitions played between teams formed from the university community
Johnny Da nickname students sometimes use to reference President John deSteiguer
Kappa Floateven as a Freshman, you can participate in Kappa Float - a weekend float trip hosted by the men of Kappa Sigma Tau.
Kudoscredits earned and accumulated via the Ethos app by all undergraduate students on campus
Lighting of the Commonsa Christmas holiday festival with an outdoor market, live music, lots of fun and games, photos with Santa, and the switch is flipped for Christmas lights that adorn campus just before the biggest fireworks show of your life
Majoryour chosen field of study in which you will receive a college degree after completing a minimum of 126 hours of study
Minora chosen field of study that complements your major that requires 18 hours of course work, some of which may overlap with your major credit hours
Nestour gym in the Payne Athletic Center
OCWAOklahoma Christian Women's Association who love OC students and faithfully support OC
Quadfour original campus buildings that form a rectangle in the center of campus
Registrarofficial record keeping for classes, university catalog and degree programs, academic calendar, transcripts, registration and enrollment
Rush a series of activities planned for sophomores, juniors or seniors to get to know social service clubs and for them to get to know you, known at other universities as pledge week
Rush Freshmanfun activities planned during rush week for the freshman class who want to join Freshman Club, other clubs are rushed sophomore year
SGAstudent government association
StuCenan abbreviated mash up for Student Center
Student Advocacy Centerthe actual name for Support Central, it just hasn't caught on yet
Support Centralyour one-stop resource for school things: technical assistance, financial services, the registrar
Wsee the Dub
Yearas in 'what year are you?' - freshman, sophomore, junior, senior or graduate student