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5 Frozen Things!

It’s freezing in Oklahoma City! The temps are dropping to only 5 degrees this weekend, and Oklahoma Christian has 5 frozen things on campus to share.

#1 Tuition

Tuition, fees, room, meals, the whole, entire nine yards is FROZEN! That’s right, there will be absolutely no increase in cost for the 2021-22 school year.

President John deSteiguer freezes all costs for the 2021-22 academic year. Announcement brings arctic blast across Oklahoma!

#2 Drinks in The Brew

Frappes to iced lattes, it’s never too cold to enjoy a frozen cup of pick-me-up.

Science says a cold drink from The Brew consumed outdoors speeds the process of frost bite. Careful of the wind chill!

#3 Fountains

Have you skated across our beautiful campus? The flowing water features are temporarily solid!

The Hartman Place waterfall is at a stand still and the newly renovated North Crossing resembles an ice rink!

#4 Ice Cream

The OC Chick-fil-A, features a steady flow of soft serve even on the coldest of days.

No sane person wants ice cream right now, so enjoy this pic from Study Abroad in Vienna, Austria.

#5 Sidewalks

It is rare for OC to cancel classes, but our announcement about frozen costs sent an extreme arctic blast across the state. Stay warm for online instruction and be careful out there!

Sidewalks and roads are seriously treacherous. Be smart. Be careful. Stay warm.

At OC, we enjoy a yearly average of 231 days of sunshine and now a full year of FROZEN costs! That’s all costs with nothing hidden and no surprises: tuition, fees, room and meals.

“The pandemic has impacted many student families financially. Holding costs steady is the right thing to do,” said President John deSteiguer.

In addition to freezing prices, OC is also committed to safely delivering in-person classes. We learn from each other when we are face-to-face so continue to mask up, keep your distance and wash your hands. It’s not ideal, but we are better when we work together, each contributing his/her unique talents and gifts, to build, explore, discover, create and learn.

Don’t be left out in the cold! You’re in the right place for frozen costs and a cool education.