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Home Wes

I am (OC is Home)sick! I miss my students terribly. As nice as it’s been to keep classes going with Blackboard Collaborate, the in-person interaction we have inside and outside of class definitely can’t be replaced by talking to a computer screen.

That being said, we’ve had some great class discussions in this online environment, especially with the many ways the coronavirus has impacted the sports biz. I’ve also enjoyed video chatting with students as part of academic advising. I think those conversations have kept us a bit more connected.

And, of course, having one of my students in the same house helps soothe the soul. When my daughter Mikayla enrolled in my Business Comm class this semester, I wondered how awkward it would be, but it’s gone pretty smoothly.

Mikayla McKensie in her Business Comm class with her dad teaching just down the hall.

Now that we’re sheltering in place, our setup is kind of funny. My new “office” is in my son’s room while Mikayla is on the other end of the house in her room. I’ll often go see her after classes to debrief and see how things went. Real-time student evaluations!

I am heartsick for Mikayla and for all of our students – especially our seniors – who aren’t getting to spend these last few weeks of the semester with the OC family they love so much. But I’m grateful for the silver lining of quality family time here at the house – eating meals together, watching worship services online, playing ping-pong on the table we dragged into the dining room from the garage, and more. For our small band of Eagles, OC is Home … at home.

Wes McKinzie (’98)

Instructor of Business and Sports Management