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Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources from Ark Behavioral Health

One of the beautiful things that has come out of the Covid-19 pandemic is a broad sharing of resources.

OC alumni, faculty, students and staff have offered expertise and credentials to diagnostic labs to implement testing, come out of retirement to deliver needed healthcare, traveled to cities desperate for qualified nursing staff, used technology to create safe, long-lasting PPE, sewn thousands of masks, delivered hundreds of meals, become a community resource for efficiently and safely delivering thousands of tests and vaccinations, and so much more.

Our campus has also been the beneficiary of medical resources, free testing, CARES Act funding, knowledge sharing, learning and leadership opportunities for students, on-campus vaccines delivered at the earliest available date and so much more.

Now Ark Behavioral Health, a center accredited by The Joint Commission considered to be the 'gold standard' of rehabilitation care based in Quincy, Massachusetts, has offer a wealth of mental health resources to the OC community.

We will be studying the effects of the pandemic for years to come, but we already know of an increase of those struggling with substance abuse and mental health. The CDC research shows that number to be as high as 40%. The CDC website also offers a rich source of mental health guidance.

These links and resources can be helpful to students and families who will soon be on summer break. For our campus community who will remain local, the OC Counseling Center is always here for you.