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Covid-19 Impacts Financial Aid

Director of Calling and Career meeting with student

COVID-19 has touched each of us! Some families may have special financial conditions for the 2020-2021 school year.

The qualified team of financial counselors in Oklahoma Christian's office of Financial Services is ready to help students and families who are experiencing job losses, reduced income or high medical expenses that will impact the 2020-21 academic year.

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Applications for Special Conditions for financial hardship are accepted beginning May 30, 2020. But now is the time to start the conversation with your counselor. Students should contact their counselor to learn more about special conditions. Counselors can be reached at 405-425-5190.

Special conditions may include but are not limited to: loss of income, parent tuition expenses, private school tuition costs, home school curriculum expenses, PLUS loan repayments for a dependent student not currently enrolled, high medical expenses. Each application will be reviewed by a Financial Services specialist to see if the FAFSA expected family contribution (EFC) can be lowered to allow for more need-based financial aid.

Students have a PERSONAL financial counselor because each individual, family and situation is different. Financial Services staff is ready to help you with your specific needs.

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Your education today directs the path of your future for years to come. It's our calling and our mission to be an important part of the plans that the Lord has for you. We are devoted to helping you afford the best education.

These are crazy times! Some changes in your life may impact your current FAFSA and eligibility for financial aid. Applying for Special Conditions can help.

Visit the Special Conditions web page.