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2022 Fall Semester Update - July

What About Masks?

Masks are optional and can be used in situations when exposure to COVID is of concern, such as in crowded conditions or prolonged exposure.

What About Vaccines?

If appropriate for specific situations students are encouraged to get vaccinations and boosters as they are released.

What About Events?

Campus events will continue this fall with no restrictions.

What About COVID-19 Testing?

COVID testing is widely available for personal use and is available for free or can be purchased at a local pharmacy.

Additional Information:

  • Positive students can isolate in place or off campus. They should talk with their roommates and family and make a plan that's safe for everyone. In dorm settings, positive students should wear a mask in public hallways, bathrooms, etc.
  • Remember that a face mask should completely cover the nose and mouth and fit snugly.
  • Positive students can wear a mask and get a to-go box from the Branch. Meal delivery is unavailable.
  • Positive students should notify their own close contacts of their exposure. Close contacts should wear a mask in public settings for 5 days after exposure.
  • Positive students should notify their professors, and make arrangements to make up missed classes and work, as with any other illness.
  • As COVID moved into the endemic phase, the designated quarantine/isolation spaces, campus testing, and contact tracing were discontinued.
  • Students should reach out to their health care provider with questions.

The CDC has a Quarantine & Isolation Calculator. Use this free tool to figure out how long you should quarantine or isolate.