Listening to Wise Advice in Seasons of Success

Phil Lewis | Jan 29, 2018

I have noticed in life that it is easier to receive counsel in difficult seasons than in seasons of success. As a strategic planner, very few companies would call me to consult when business was going well. However, when they are experiencing pain, they knew they needed a plan. The same is true in our lives. Success can be intoxicating, but it is at this time that we need to humble ourselves and continually listen to the Godly wisdom of others.

Success can be intoxicating, but it's then that we most need to heed the Godly wisdom of others.

In 2 Chronicles 10, Rehoboam inherited a great situation. His father Solomon led Israel to its greatest level of success. So when Rehoboam took the lead he had one thought: –Don't mess this up!” But he listened to the wrong counsel, which proved to be a negative turning point for him and the people he led. It was only later, after defeat, that he was able to humble himself before God. By then, however, some of the consequences of his pride were already set in motion, and those he led would be forever impacted.

We can learn as much from a bad leader as we can from a good one. I've found that reading the Old Testament history books (Joshua through Esther) not only gives me insight into the character of God, but also the leadership styles of men who struggle with the same things I do. Some led well. Many didn't.

So what about you? Are you flying high into this new year? If so, that's great, but be careful! Here's a piece of wisdom from the Word: Seek the counsel of Godly men - especially in seasons of success.