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Talons up, Eagles! You make us look good with every achievement, discovery, advancement and all of the ways you impact your community. You are the product OC produces and we could not be more proud!

OC student at graduation


You and all of your friends are welcome home for OC’s homecoming. This event is a great opportunity for you to bond with students and reconnect with your college friends! The weekend is packed with reunions throughout campus, events highlighting the achievements of our alumni and a formal banquet honoring you, who give back so much to the university. There is not a dull moment! Come cheer on the Eagles basketball teams, enjoy the musical and celebrate your former club along with all of the fun groups participating in the parade. See you this fall!


Home­ward is the giv­ing cam­paign for every stu­dent, fac­ul­ty, staff and alum

Any Amount, Any OC Project | You Give, You Count.

It's all about the percentage of givers. Join the giving ranks to raise your alma mater’s ranking in US News & World Report. A higher ranking means more grant dollars for academic and service projects, more partnership opportunities for faculty and students and a higher valued degree for our grads—you! Plus, you can help earn your club some bonus bucks.

Help us soar past the national alumni giving participation average again, give today!

Give to Homeward

Vision Mag­a­zine

Vision Magazine is a good way to catch up on all the awesome things going on at Oklahoma Christian University. You will have one sent right to your mailbox (if you keep your address up-to-date) a couple times a year! Vision features accomplishments, events, alumni milestones and everything in between.

Reading in The Brew

Alum­ni University

OC has partnered with Coursera — one of the world's largest online learning platforms — to provide YOU (our alumni) with a specially curated learning experience that empowers you to drive positive change in your career and enrich your daily life.

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Nation­al Alum­ni Council

The Oklahoma Christian University National Alumni Council is here to serve you!

Our goal is to support you as you navigate your role as an alum. Whether you have questions about events, how to give or opportunities as an alum, the NAC can help you achieve your best alum potential!

National Alumni Council

Alum­ni Tours

You’ve been wanting to travel - we know. Well, we did all of the hard work for you! You just need to book a plane and join us for our yearly trips around the world. Check out what we’re offering this year. There is likely something for you, and you are an important part of the group. We’d love to see you there!

Alumni Tour Group Photo

Get to Know Our Alumni