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Admissions counselors are special advisors that will help you get through the admissions process.

If you are a student from the Edmond or OKC area, please call the Admissions Office at 405-425-5050 to connect with your counselor.

If you are an international student, please click here to see your international admissions counselor.

Sadie Rosenthal

Sadie Rosenthal

Sadie grew up in a military family, so her family is spread across the country, but she chose to make Edmond, Oklahoma her home once graduating from an Edmond high school. She then graduated from Oklahoma Christian in spring of 2014 with a B.A. in Communication studies. Currently, she is working towards completing her MBA at OC.

Favorite O.C. professor:

My favorite professor is probably Dr. Lowry. I just loved how interactive his classes were and how everyone felt motivated to participate in the discussion. Dr. Lowry was well educated in the different communication styles, approaches and strategies so his discussions were always so interesting. He also truly cared for his students. Him and his wife once made Sunday lunch for our whole class at his house, where he prayed over us and told us how thankful he was for our class during the semester. He also worked with me anytime I had a question on tests and was so helpful by letting me take a test late when I got in a minor car accident on the way to the final. The whole communication department was great, but I always looked forward to taking a Lowry class.

Favorite OC memory:

Wow, there are so many! I think one of my favorite memories during my undergrad was when I was social service director for my social service club. I planned and early event volunteering for the color run, and was not sure if the club members would enjoy it because of how cold and early it was. It turned out being one of the most fun days! Our members passed out food, threw color and foam on runners and I was able to dress in a full unicorn mascot outfit for the color run company and lead Zumba on stage! It was such a random, fun day, full of many laughs and memories of bringing joy to all the runners and other volunteers.

Call Sadie at (800) 877.5010, ext. 5061 or (405)425-5061.


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