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Rwanda Campus

OC celebrates our strong relationship with the Republic of Rwanda. Hosting His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda, on the Oklahoma campus was a high point in OC history. We are thankful for our Rwandan students in Kigali and in Oklahoma. OC is home to extraordinary callings.

Rwandan Graduation

Rwanda Alumni

Our graduates show the success of their education. We are honored for them to represent the university. Here's what they like about OC:
Christian Values
Career Advancement
Impactful Lectures

Academic Excellence

Rwandan students have regularly achieved academic excellence at OC, and you can too! We’re proud of the success of our students, and we’d love to have you add to this list.

Great GPA

Rwandan students have a cumulative GPA of 3.79.

Presidential Scholars

Graduating Rwandan Presidential Scholars have been admitted to top graduate schools like Carnegie Mellon, Purdue, Penn and many others.


The have earned awards including Who’s Who Among American University Students, Dean’s Awards, National Honor Society and other honors.

Academic & Professional Success

Students have won local and national research competitions and have had internships at top organizations.

Rwandan Graduation

Earn Your Online Degree in Kigali

Oklahoma Christian University offers degrees you can take online! Earn your graduate degree at home and build your personal professional future.

Advice for Your Future

Graduate school may seem daunting. However, we’re here to help you navigate your future and have a few pieces of advice to help you find a bit of motivation!


Rwandans4Water is helping solve the problem of acquiring clean water in Rwanda’s rural communities.

Rwandans4Water began when a group of OC Rwandan students prepared to return to Rwanda for an internship during the summer of 2010. Community members are drilling water wells using simple, affordable and amenable technology to increase access to clean water, and you can help them!

Strategic Partnerships

OC’s Rwandan Presidential Scholars have partnerships that help them achieve academic success.

The General Electric Corporation and NextThought provide internships for Presidential Scholars where they can achieve leadership development and learn to develop technology that empowers educators.
Rwandan student at graduation

Who We Are

At OC, we believe in treating each student as an individual in their professional and academic pursuits - and that includes you! So, OC is home to:

  1. Uncommon stories
  2. Ambitious progress
  3. Complex dialogue
  4. Extraordinary callings

The World Awaits Your Story at OC Rwanda

Located in the Heart of Kigali

Norrsken East Africa
KN 78St
Kigali, Rwanda