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OC Cost Details for undergraduates

Your OC degree is worth far more than the price tag of tuition, and we are proud to be the Best Total Package college in the entire state of Oklahoma.* You can measure our value by our stellar competitive rankings, solid SAT/ACT scores, low actual cost, debt $11,000 below the national average, job prospects and placement, career earnings, diversity and our amazing city.

Below is the full 'sticker' price. Use the Net Price Calculator to get an estimate of your actual cost.

2024-25 Cost Sheet PDF

2024-2025 School Year

Undergraduate CostSemesterYear
Tuition (12-17 hours per semester)$12,900
Student Service Fee (full-time students)
Technology and Infrastructure Fee (full-time students)


Housing (typical price for shared freshman housing)
Meal Plan (Residence Hall Meal Plan)



Undergraduate TuitionSemester
Full-time tuition (17 hours)
Per credit cost over 17 hours
$755 (per hour)

Part-time tuition, per credit hour cost
$1000 (per hour)

Student Service Fee

$265 / $130 (part-time)
Freshman Orientation Programs Fee (freshman year; first semester only)
$150 (first semester only)
Technology and Infrastructure Fee
$425 / $210 (part-time)
Parking Fee
$50 (first semester only)
Commuter Fee*
NCAA Athletic Fee
Club Athletic Fee$300

*This fee is applied only to students who are living off-campus. It includes 25 meals in The Branch, $50 Eagle Bucks, and a Parking Permit.

Winter 2023 & Summer 2024

Undergraduate TuitionDiscounted Winter | Summer Sessions
$725 per credit hour
Save 40% on each class - $430 per hour

Do the math!

A college degree is a wise investment. A study by the U.S. Census Bureau compared lifetime earnings among different degree holders.

  • $1.2 million - average lifetime earnings with a high school diploma
  • $2.1 million - average lifetime earnings with a bachelor’s degree
  • $2.5 million - average lifetime earnings with a master’s degree

Your dollar goes farther at OC. Full tuition at OC is $11,000 below the national average of $36,880 for four-year private universities as reported by the College Board’s Annual Survey of Colleges.

* source

Calculate the cost

Navigating the cost of higher education can be complicated. One word, FAFSA. We can’t simplify FAFSA for you, but our financial counselors can help you put all of the pieces together. Over 90% of our students receive some form of financial aid.

Scholarships at OC

You may even qualify for more than one scholarship! Look through all of our opportunities, fill out the universal application form and check all of the scholarships you qualify to apply for.

OC gave over $21 million in institutional gift aid for 2022-2023!

Total outside scholarships and veterans benefits for 2022-2023 totaled over $2.1 million!

Graduate with 30% less debt

You will be equipped with the single greatest tool to pay off student loan debt - - finishing your degree and beginning your career. Your degree is an investment that pays a lifetime of dividends. So worth it!

53% of the OC 2022-2023 graduating class borrowed loan money. Those that borrowed, graduated with 30% less debt than the national average*


Created with calling

You have talents, gifts and skills unique to you and the Lord has called you to use his generous gifts to glorify him. You can discover an education and career path aligned with your calling by visiting DaySix, our calling and career office. You will have a destination and save money when you take a direct path to arrive.

We salute ROTC

You have a heart to serve and the desire to protect and defend the people and places you love. If ROTC is the right fit for you, check out our partnerships with UCO Army ROTC and OU Air Force ROTC. You could get a full-ride scholarship after your freshman year of ROTC commitment.