Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineers love their jobs! A solid 90% say they would choose the same career path again. Designing engineering solutions to help the world while challenging your own intellectual curiosity is rewarding work.

Maggie Mitchell
  • X2 ME's earn more than double the median wage across all occupations*
  • 22% of ME's work in engineering services and 13% in manufacturing
  • 9% Job growth rate, which is more than average
  • 1 Master of Science in Engineering Degree to take it to the next level

Soar to ME Heights

Compare your engineering chops with students across the nation at competitions that involve building an aircraft. Test your product by flying a set route with a heavy payload. How many take offs and landing will your plane endure? OC teams typically land on the top flight deck.

OC Competes Aero 2019

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Mechan­i­cal Engineering’s Diverse Careers

This field offers the most diversity in engineering. If it has moving parts and includes math and science, a mechanical engineer is somewhere on the scene.

  • Aerospace engineer
  • Robotics
  • HVAC Systems
  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Biomechanical Systems
  • Manufacturing Design
  • Applied Mechanics
  • Acoustic Consultant
  • Mining engineer
  • Agricultural Engineers
  • CAD technician
Engineering student soldering a connection

Engi­neer­ing is Missional

OC engineering students have built solar refrigeration to allow vaccines in remote areas without reliable power. Others have created powerful and inexpensive wind turbines to generate power in impoverished countries and for disaster relief. The small turbines are easily repaired when damaged. You can make a difference as a mechanical engineer!

Honduras Village

Take inter­est­ing cours­es like heat trans­fer, machine design and sys­tems design and take advan­tage of our ther­mal-flu­ids lab.

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Live Your Offroad Addiction

At OC you can work with a team to build a car. From scratch! Follow 100+ pages of competition guidelines, stay within a limited budget, design and build an off-road vehicle and then put it to the test at a national competition. Maneuver through a tight obstacle course and endure a grueling four-hour lap race all while praying your mud slinger holds together.

OC Competes Baja2019

Women in STEM

Scientista empowers women in STEM through creating a community of both female and male members. We support each other, encourage one another through the difficult times and openly discuss challenges and obstacles that our students may be facing currently or in their future careers.

Sara Alcon / Biology Professor / Scientista Sponsor
Sara Alcon Biology

Mechanical Engineering Objectives & Outcomes

OC’s Mechan­i­cal Engi­neer­ing pro­gram has been accred­it­ed by the engi­neer­ing accred­i­ta­tion com­mis­sion of ABET since 1989!

Accreditation by ABET

*according to the BLS