Graphic Design

Share your creativity in complete vulnerability as a graphic design major. Your concepts will be challenged, ideas will be sharpened and collective and individual talent will be elevated. Cultivate your creativity and passion at Oklahoma Christian.

Design class
  • 14 Internships
  • 24 Guest Speakers
  • 25 Field Trips
  • 15 Capstone Panelists

As a graph­ic design major, you’ll take class­es in typog­ra­phy, busi­ness of brand­ing your­self, print and social media design, ele­ments of visu­al think­ing, among oth­er key topics.

Degree Plans

Eagle Spotlight

My class visited so many different types of companies, and I learned print, web, digital, photo, video, everything. That allowed me to discover my passion. I never would have dreamed I would be lighting movie sets.

Shay Stegmann / Tulsa, Oklahoma
Shay Stegmann

Jobs & Salary

What does your future as a graphic designer look like?

Graphic Design 4% job growth

Starting Salary: $40,034
Median Salary: $50,370
Median salary after 5 years experience: $66,920

Art Director 5% job growth

Median salary after 5 years experience: $92,780

Multimedia Artist & Animator 8% job growth

Median salary $72,520

Craft & Fine Artist 6% job growth

Median salary $48,960

*Bureau of Labor Statistics

Faculty Spotlight

My assignments are constructed to push students past what they typically experience in their inner circles. I’ve seen these students grow quickly. They understand they are recording visually someone else’s life through which they become the eyes of the public.

Michael J. O’Keefe / Professor of Art & Design
Professor and student reviewing designs